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Immanuel Kant Theory of Ăsthetics and Teleology.[1] The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Douglas Burnham of Staffordshire University clearly written and skillful summary of Kant's Šsthetics from The Critique of Judgment.

Kant: Taste and Autonomy.[2] Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Paul Guyer's entry on Kant's philosophy of Šsthetics, teleology, and scientific concepts from the third Critique.

Kant's Ăsthetics and Teleology.[3] Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A discussion of the faculty of judgement and the relation between Šsthetics and teleology by Hannah Ginsborg.

Castle, K÷nigsberg, Prussia, (near Kant's house) (detail) Library of Congress



Immanuel Kant


Kant, Immanuel. Taste and Autonomy


Kant's Ăsthetics…