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Arthur Schopenhauer.[1] Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Introduction to Schopenhauer's philosophy and its influences with an important section on Šsthetic perception by Robert Wicks.

The Philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer.[2] The Radical Academy. Schopenhauer's life and works are clearly and briefly summarized with special interest on the application of his philosophy to individual life.

Schopenhauer, Arthur.[3] The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism. Schopenhauer's Šsthetics and literary influence is discussed by Tilottama Rajan.

Schopenhauer's Ăsthetics.[4] Wikipedia. A short assessment of how Schopenhauer's Šsthetics overcomes the pessimism of his philosophy—with an excellent summary of Schopenhauer's influence.

Schopenhauer's Metaphysics of Music.[5] The Wagner Library. A paper first published in New Englander and Yale Review Vol. 46, Issue CCXVII, 1888, by Harlow Gale tracing the similarity of music as a universal language and philosophy as general concepts.

The Great Bridge, Danzig, West Prussia, (detail) Library of Congress



Arthur Schopenhauer.


The Philosophy of ….


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Schopenhauer's Ăsthetics.