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The Ăsthetic Theory of Leo Tolstoy's, "What Is Art?".[1] Tolstoy and Popular Literature. Gary R. Jahn's article reprinted from The Journal of Ăsthetics and Art Criticism. XXXIV, 1 (Fall, 1975).

Leo Tolstoy.[2] Jared Lyman's well-executed site containing information concerning writings, pictures, and other resources.

Tolstoy Filmography.[3] Tolstoy Studies Journal. Films based on works by Tolstoy, including made-for-television shows are listed with databases and sources.

Tolstoy Image Gallery.[4] University of Toronto. Images from Lev Tolstoy in Photographs by Contemporaries. Moscow: Publishing House of the USSR, 1960, are edited by Julie Novak.

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The Ăsthetic Theory of Leo Tolstoy's, "What Is Art?" By Gary R. Jahn


Leo Tolstoy


Tolstoy Filmography


Tolstoy Image Gallery