Quiz: Clive Bell, Art

Based on the reading from Clive Bell, Art

Directions: Carefully study statements 1-10. Decide whether each statement is true or false and write in the spaces provided the word ``true'' or the word ``false'' in accordance with your decision.
  1. ______________ According to Bell, the central problem of æsthetics is that of finding the common quality of objects which provoke the æsthetic emotion.
  2. ______________ The common quality of artistic works, Bell states, is a significant form which gives rise to æsthetic emotions.
  3. ______________ Bell notes that the use of color is normally irrelevant to signficant form.
  4. ______________ All qualities of objects which lead to æsthetic emotion, Bell argues, are either æsthetically or sensually beautiful.
  5. ______________ Bell believes that landscape paintings are works of art because they are a means of suggesting emotion.
  6. ______________ He argues that all art is essentially moral because art is a means to a good.
  7. ______________ Bell concedes that the essence of significant artistic form has evolved throught the ages.
  8. ______________ According to Bell, the representative element in a work of art is essential to its value.
  9. ______________ One kind of art Bell rejects as having significant form is primitive art such as Sumerian or archaic Greek art.
  10. ______________ Bell believes that artistic significance is irrelevant to the significance of life.

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Answers: 1.T, 2.T, 3.F, 4.F, 5.F, 6.T, 7.F, 8.F, 9.F, 10.T

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Quiz: Clive Bell, Art

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