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Motion Picture and Video: The Plague, directed by Luis Puenzo, 1993. Cast: William Hurt, Robert Duvall, and Raul Julia. The film is based on Albert Camus's La Peste. Rated R; 1 hour, 45 minutes (video 1 hour, 5 minutes).

Literary Outlaw (Photographs of) Albert Camus. Copyrighted (and rarely seen) photographs scanned by Ari Frankel from photographs in the Herbert R. Lottman biography of Camus.

BBCi—Books by Author Albert Camus. Three page biography of Camus.

Nobel eMuseum Albert Camus—Banquet Speech. Albert Camus's speech at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, December 10, 1957.

Solitaire et Solidaire Spike Magazine—interview by Russell Wilkinson with Catherine Camus about her father's book The First Man, a work first published in 1995, composed of the unedited and unfinished manuscript found in the car crash in which Camus was tragically killed in 1960. If you like, you can practice your French translation skills for this interview at this location: Solitaire et Solidaire.

Difficult Choices for France's Most Reluctant Existentialist Roger Kaplan's article on Camus's enduring appeal from Insight Magazine—a brief overview of Camus's outlook for beginners.

Albert Camus—Links. Little Blue Light. Excellent list of Camus links for works, quotes, articles, and book reviews.

Camus's Grave Site and Home, Hélène Brown