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Citation Information for “William Paley, ‘The Teleological Argument’”

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Archie, Lee C, "William Paley, ‘The Teleological Argument,’" Philosophy of Religion (June 26, 2006) URL=<http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/paley.shtml>.

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“The Deity is known to us only by his productions, and is a single being in the universe, not comprehened under any species or genus, from whose experienced attributes or qualities, we can, by analogy, infer any attribute or quality in him. … But farther attributes or farther degrees of the same attributes, we can never be authorised to infer or suppose, by any rules of just reasoning. … Every supposed addition to the works of nature makes an addition to the attributes of the Author of nature; and consequently being entirely unsupported by any reason or argument, can never be admitted but as mere conjecture and hypothesis.” David Hume, Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding e. P. H. Niddich (Oxford: Clarendon Press), (I, Sec. XII, 113), 144-145.

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