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Phil. 102: Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry
Quiz 1: The Socratic Paradox

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Directions: Choose the best responses to the following questions and circle the letter of the answer corresponding to the best answer.

  1. According to Socrates, all persons seek
    1. pleasure
    2. what is in their self-interest.
    3. to help others as much as possible.
    4. rightly or wrongly to do their duty.
    5. what is servicable to society.
  2. According to Socrates, if a person is ignorant, then that person
    1. will make wrong decisions.
    2. will make bad decisions.
    3. will not make good decisions
    4. is what others call ``evil.''
    5. is all of the above.
  3. According to Socrates, sometimes we make good decisions when we
    1. act rightly.
    2. act on the basis of our knowledge.
    3. are not ignorant of the relevant facts.
    4. are correctly informed and knowledgeable.
    5. are all of the above.
  4. The most important thing in living a life of excellence is, according to Socrates is
    1. to do only that which we know to be right.
    2. to survive and prosper.
    3. to seek pleasure and avoid pain.
    4. to distinguish between things in our control and things outside our control.
    5. none of the above.
  5. According to Socrates, if I choose to cheat on a test in order to get a passing grade, then, other things being equal,
    1. I am only acting in my self-interest.
    2. my action is right if I pass.
    3. my action is acceptable only if I don't get caught.
    4. I don't really understand the nature of the soul.
    5. all of the above are true.

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Phil. 102: Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry
Quiz 1: The Socratic Paradox

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