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General References

If you seek more information about the concepts and arguments studied in this course, the following works are warmly recommended.

Angeles, Peter A. A Dictionary of Philosophy. London: Harper and Row, 1981.

Baldwin, James Mark, ed. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology. New York: Peter Smith, 1901-1905.

Blackburn, Simon, The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. New York: Oxford, 1994.

Edwards, Paul, ed. Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 8 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1967.

Flew, Antony, ed. A Dictionary of Philosophy. New York: St. Martinís Press, 1979.

Lacy, A. R. A Dictionary of Philosophy. New York: Charles Scribnerís Sons, 1976.

Magill, Frank N., ed. Masterpieces of World Philosophy in Summary Form. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1963.

OíConnor, D., ed. A Critical History of Western Philosophy. Glencoe: Free Press, 1964.

Runes, D. The Dictionary of Philosophy. New York: Philosophical Library, 1937.

Urmson, J. O., ed. Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers. New York: Hawthorne, 1960.

Periodicals in Philosophy

If you find time during the semester to browse in the Larry A. Jackson Library, there are a few journals which show some of the technical applications of philosophy. These include:

w The American Philosophical Quarterly

w The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

w Ethics

w International Philosophical Quarterly

w Mind

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