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Assignment Schedule

Date Class Topic Assignment
03.13 Hinduism Notes: Hinduism: The Ends of Life
R 18 The Purposes of Life
    REP Gita ``Arjuna's Dilemma" to ``Path of Renunciation"
03.18 Kinds of Yoga I Notes: Yoga--Ways to the Goal
T 19 Jnana; Bhakti
    REP Gita ``Path of Meditation'' to ``Manifestation of Absolute''

Date Class Topic Assignment
03.20 Kinds of Yoga II Notes: Moksa
R 20
  Karma, Raja REP Gita: ``Vision of the Cosmic Form'' to ``Threefold Faith''
03.25 Moksa Notes: Stages of Life
T 21 Stages of Life
  Reincarnation Notes: The Caste System
    REP Gita: ``Threefold Faith'' to ``Epilogue--Lord Krishna's Last Sermon"
    Quiz: Karma
03.27 Caste System Optional: REP ``Paper on Hinduism''
R 22 Review for Test
  Quiz: Karma Review for Test II: Hinduism
04.01 Test II: Hinduism Notes: Naturalism, Supernaturalism, and Humanism
T 23
04.03 Confucism Notes: Key Terms in Confucism
R 24 Naturalism
  Supernaturalism REP ``Doctrine of the Mean''
  Humanism ``Instruction for the Path of Duty'' to ``Rules of Government''
  Key Terms
    Quiz: Confucian Terms
04.08 The Historical Problem Notes: The Historical Problem
T 25 Main Concepts I
  Quiz: Confucism Terms Notes: Main Concepts of Confucism
    REP ``Doctrine of the Mean''
    ``Rules for Success'' to ``Chün Tzu and Perfect Virtue''
04.10 Confucism: Notes: Buddha
R 26 Main Concepts II
  Is Buddhism a Religion? REP ``The Four Noble Truths''
04.15 Four Noble Truths Notes: The Eightfold Path
T 27 Eightfold Path I
    REP ``The Noble Eightfold Path''
    Quiz: Four Noble Truths
04.17 Eightfold Path II Review for Test III: Confucism and Buddhism
R 28 Quiz: Four Noble Truths
    Optional: Notes: Schools of Buddhism

Date Class Topic Assignment
04.22 Test III: Confucism & Buddhism 04.23 Last day to withdraw from classes
T 29   Revised Office Hours Posted on LC M-33
04.24 Reading Day Study for approved make-up exams
04.29 Final Examination Period Grades Posted Within 48 Hours
R 8:00-10:00 am  
  Approved Make-up Exams  

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