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Introduction to Philosophic Inquiry

Fall 2012 Assignment Schedule

—Version 1.0—

Class Assignment Schedule Information: For the most recent version of our class schedule, be sure to refresh your browser and check this page. If an update is available, the version number stated above will be a higher number than Version 1.0. In the week column below, the dates are in the form of MM.DD-DD,where the month is separated from the days of the week by a period.

PLE stands for lecture notes on “”—i.e., this Website with the bright red p.l.e. icon in the corner.

RFPI stands for “Reading for Philosophical Inquiry”—the online textbook for this course. Some of links are to PDF files and some are to PDF articles. I hope this isn't too confusing as I tried to link to the latest and best versions available as the textbook is currently undergoing revision by several editors.

Week Week's Projects
Wk. 1

*Read PLE Homepage for Course

*Study ReadMe1 on how to begin the course.

*Study PDF Syllabus.

*Study RFPI “The Nature of Learning”

*Study PLE Notes Principle of Charity

*Study PLE Notes on How to Study (six short pages summarizing college-study tips)

Wk. 2

*Study RFPI “The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry”

*Study PLE “Divisions of Philosophy”

*Study PLE “Characteristics of a Philosophical Problem”

*Quiz PLE The Nature of Learning

*Quiz PLE Divisions of Philosophy

Wk. 3

*Read RFPI Ch. 4 Plato “Just Do What's Right”

*Read RFPI Ch. 5 Plato, “Seek Truth Rather Than Escape Death”

*Read PLE Plato, “The Apology Part I”

*Read PLE Plato, “The Apology Part II”

*Quiz PLE The Socratic Paradox

Wk. 4

*Study RFPI Ch. 6 Russell, “Enlargement of Self”

*Study RFPI Ch. 7 Tolstoy, “Only Faith Can Give Truth”

*Study PLE “Russell, Value of Philosophy”

*Study PLE Tolstoy, “Only Faith Can Give Truth”

*Quiz PLE Science and Philosophy

*Study PLE Essay Questions

*Study PLE Obejctive Question Checking

Wk. 5

*Read RFPI Ch. 8 Camus, “The Myth of Sisyphus”

*Read PLE Camus, “Nobility of Soul”

*Test I: Philosophy of Life
Due Friday 10.05, 12 midnight

Wk. 6


*Study RFPI Ch 10 Anselm, “The Ontological Argument”

*Study RPI Ch 11 Gaunilo, “An Answer to Anselm”

*Study PLE Anselm, “Ontological Argument”

*Study RFPI Ch 13 Aquinas, “From the Nature of the Universe”

*Study PLE Aquinas, “The Five Ways Aristotelian Background”

*Study PLEAquinas, “Argument From Motion”

*Study PLE Aquinas, “Argument From Cause”

*Study PLE Aquinas, “Argument From Necessity”

Fall Break 10.15-16
Wk. 7


*Study PLE Aquinas, “Argument From Necessity”

*Study PLE Aquinas, “Argument From Gradation”

*Study PLE Aquinas, “Argument From Design”

*Quiz PLE Aquinas' Five Proofs

Wk. 8


*Read RFPI Ch. 14 Paley, “The Teleological Argument”

*Read RFPI Ch. 16 Pascal, “The Wager

*Read PLE. Paley, “Teleological Argument”

*Read PLE Pascal, “Wager”

Wk. 9

*Study RFPI Ch. 17 Dostoevsky, “The Problem of Evil”

*Study PLE Dostoevsky, “The Problem of Evil”

*Quiz PLE Dostoevsky, “A Good God Doesn't Permit Suffering”

*Test II: Philosophy of Religion due Friday 11.02, 12 midnight

Wk. 10

*Study RFPI Ch.18 “Free Will and Determinism”

*Study RFPI Ch. 21 Plato, “The Ring of Gyges”

*Quiz PLE Varieties of Free Will and Determiism

*Quiz PLE Varieties of Free Will and Determinism

*Study PLE Plato, “The Myth of the Ring of Gyges”

*Read PLE “Psychological Egoism

Wk. 11

*Study RFPI Ch.22 Aristotle, “Life of Excellence: Living and Doing Well”

*Study PLE Aristotle, “Happiness is Self-Fulfillment”

*Study PLE Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean

*Quiz PLE Happiness is Self-Fulfillment

Wk. 12

*Read RPI Ch. 24 Nietzsche, “Slave and Master Morality

*Read PLE Nietzsche, “Slave and Master Morality”

Wk. 13

*ReadPFPICh. 23 Bentham, “Happiness is the Greatest Good”

*Study PLE Bentham, “Happiness is the Greatest Good”

*Study PLE The Hedonistic Calculus

*Quiz PLE Bentham's Hedonistic Calculus

Wk. 14

*Study RFPI Ch. 25 Sartre, “Man Makes Himself

*Study PLE Sartre “Existential Ethics”

*Quiz PLE Sartre, “Existentialist Ethics“

Wk. 15

*Test III: Philosophical Ethics Due Monday, 12.10, noon

*Optional Read RRPI Ch. 33 James, “What Makes a Life Significant?

*Optional Read Readings José Ortega y Gasset, “Man, as Project” — trans. Samuel P. Moody

Test and Final Grades are posted for most students

Have a wonderful holiday!


Further Reading: Philosophy Dictionaries on the Web
  • Especially recommended for our introductory class are Runes, Dictionary of Philosophy and Kemerling, Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names, both described below.

  • Dictionary of Philosophy Dagobert D. Runes edited the essential terms from ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy in this 1942 dictionary. Andrew Chrucky provides the conversion to hypertext in this highly recommended resource.
  • Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind Key terms from the philosophy of mind are briefly defined and related to contemporary thought. The resource is edited by Chris Eliasmith.
  • Free Online Dictionary of Philosophy FOLDOP is edited by Luciano Floridi and Gian Paolo Terravecchia. This dictionary contains about 2500 entries, many contributed by qualified volunteers
  • The Ism Book Brief definitions of some philosophical terms ending in "ism" includes theories, doctrines and disciplines and is maintained by Peter Saint-Andre.
  • Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names A concise but extensive list of philosophical terms and philosophers with links to more extensive information available on the Web is maintained by Garth Kemerling. This source of terms is highly recommended for introductory students.
  • Wikipedia An online free encyclopedia for all subjects, but especially recommended here for an accessible introduction and survey of philosophical terms, topics, and philosophers.
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“No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself.”

Thomas Mann, Joseph and His Brothers, trans. H.T. Lowe-Porter (New York: Knopf, 1934), Preface.

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