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Phil. 102: Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry
Quiz 2: Science and Philosophy

Fall 2002 ©2002 OPL

Directions: Carefully study statements 1-10 Decide whether each statement is true or false and write in the spaces provided the word ``true'' or the word ``false'' in accordance with your decision.

  1. __________________________ Russell implies that the various branches of philosophy had their origin in science.
  2. __________________________ Russell points out that in general philosophy has achieved few concrete results in comparison to the sciences..
  3. __________________________ A major value of philosophy is not so much the knowledge achieved, but the new questions that are raised.
  4. __________________________ Anyone hwo has a Ph.D. is a doctor of philosophy in some area of study..
  5. __________________________ The only science which developed independently of philosophy was mathematics.
  6. __________________________ Philosophy is almost exclusively concerned with the outcomes and conclusions of other fields of inquiry.
  7. __________________________Both philosophy and science seek knowledge, but part of the value of philosophy lies in its uncertainty.
  8. __________________________ Many philosophers in the history of philosophy are now considered scientists.
  9. __________________________ Philosophy is, in part, an attempt to discover the assumptions or presuppositions for any kind of systematic inquiry.
  10. __________________________ The concrete results of philosophy are mainly the origins of the sciences themselves.

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Phil. 102: Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry
Quiz 2: Science and Philosophy

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