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Instructor: Dr. Lee C. Archie Office Learning Center 322
Email: Telephone: +1-864-388-8265

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I look forward to talking to each of you about our philosophy course. You are warmly encouraged to ask about tutorial lectures, readings, class requirements, ideas, or problems. Questions about course content, course procedures, and personal questions should be sent directly to -- not to the Blackboard.

Since this class is an online and distance education course, no specific office hours are scheduled on campus for this course. For on-campus appointments email:

General Education Requirements

Note especially: This course does not fulfill the General Education Core Curriculum Requirement for Logical and Analytical Thought. If you are seeking to fulfill the Logical and Analytical Thought requirement by registering for a philosophy course, you need to enroll in Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic.

Lee Archie 2012-11-13