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The Development of Philosophy at Lander University

Samuel Lander, founder
     From the hopeful beginning on February 12, 1872, when Dr. Samuel Lander planned a model school for 36 young women in Williamston, the spirit of what was to become Lander University, a century later, was forged.  Collaborators for The Story of Lander; 1872-1922 wrote early in the last century, "Rigid decorum, honest scholarship, high principles, and an ever-pervading spirituality made the school attractive to the parents who desired their daughters to be thoroughly trained for the multiple duties of life." 

     Yet, not until May 31, 1975, when The Master Academic Plan was endorsed by the Board of Trustees, was there a blueprint to enable students "to ask meaningful questions about themselves, their society, and their naturalMain Tower, Laura Lander Hall environment . . . to provide them with skills, acquaintance with resources, and perspective which will enable them to search for answers . . . [and] to connect classroom learning with their own reflection, decisions, and actions . . ."   The principal import of The Master Academic Plan was promoted by, and to a large extent, inspired by, Vice President Dr. John Ratté and President Larry A. Jackson.

     As part of the  implementation of this curriculum, Professor John Hare designed the first core of courses in logic and philosophy.  A minor program in philosophy and religion was soon developed, and for many years, students minoring in these fields accounted for over 15% of the total minors of the institution.  The courses in  philosophy and logic have retained an essential role not only in the General Education Program but also in many Departmental major programs.

Lander College circa 1920--The Story of Lander
Lander College circa 1920.

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