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Carnell Learning Center
Carnell Learning Center

The chat and discussion boards are an important part of many philosophy courses at Lander University . These discussion groups provide a forum where students can seek help and advice from other students, obtain course assignments, and seek assistance in understanding readings or lectures.

The mwforum Message Boards in Philosophy

mwforum Message BoardThe mwforum Message Boards are an important part of obtaining help in real time from  classmates and from your instructor. Students are encouraged to post questions, problems, or answers on any topic relating to the course policies, procedures, or homework of our philosophy class. Their posts are placed directly on the Philosophy Web and can be immediately accessed by anyone in the world. The Philosophy Message Board is a good place to obtain a pre-evaluation of  philosophy homework or to seek answers to homework problems.

The purpose of the mwforum Message Board is to discuss the daily class activities of philosophy courses: homework questions, homework answers, housekeeping matters, class procedures, assignments, test dates, and class policies.

Laura Lander Hall and Science Complex
Laura Lander Hall and the Science Complex

Joe V. Chandler Center
Chandler PEES Center and Horne Arena

The  Philosophy Chat Server

Philosophy Chat ServerStudents in philosophy are invited to chat with each other or their instructors about class topics, review for tests, or prepare for student presentations and projects.  Chat times are usually announced in class or by a Majordomo mailing list.  Since many students at Lander University commute to classes, the Chat Server provides a convenient way to discuss group presentations and group projects by extending the presence of the campus.

This service is an pretenseless Chat program written bySysAdmin Tommi Leino with a CGI Web page written by John Archie. Jirca is a very simple IRC client Java applet—a one channel Chat room without IRC commands or other features. No special knowledge or skill is necessary to use this applet. The Philosophy Chat is available for student use at any time for any purpose (e.g., you are welcome to use the Chat for any group-project discussion in any class at Lander for the convenience of students both on and off campus). You can devise your own channel for Chat simply by having your group type in whatever specific name you choose for your group.

 Science Complex
Laura Lander Hall, Science Complex, and McFerrin Amphitheatre

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