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Logic Lab

The Use of Computers in Philosophy

     Over the past several years, the philosophy discipline has made extensive use of computers for philosophy courses. Students in philosophy have used the facilities at the Library and Laura Lander Hall on an individual basis, yet we found that many of our students required individual instruction for basic computer tasks including the use Majordomo Discussions Lists, Message Boards, and and logic software.

     Approximately 500 students from all disciplines at the University enroll inSyatem Administrator, philosophy.lander.edu philosophy courses each year, and many of these students undertake logic courses as part of the logical and analytical thought component of  General Education. We have found that many students benefit from additional help with basic computer tasks.  Consequently, the philosophy faculty are dedicated to help all our students become successful with the technological component of our philosophy courses.

The Philosophy Server

     Philosophy makes extensive use of computer-assisted instruction, and the use of a Philosophy Server is an essential part of coursework for many classes. In some courses, student homework is done on computers, saved to disk, and then evaluated by the instructor.  In other courses, archived Majordomo Discussion Groups and Chat are an important part of the class.  In fact, past and present Majordomo discussion groups provided by the Philosophy Server include business, history, English, Spanish,  Linux, and philosophy.  In several philosophy courses, students are able to submit papers directly and immediately to a Web page, and other students are able to comment on-line directly and immediately on the same Web page.

      The Philosophy Server provides convenient Web services without Science Complex restriction with respect to file size. As a result of the programming talents of John Archie, Perl and CGI scripts enable a vast array of student interactive learning not possible  currently on the Lander network.  For example, the Majordomo discussion groups are archived by Wilma software and can be administered and configured by a GUI interface called MajorCool by the owner of the discussion group. Subscribe and unsubscribe scripts are available for student sign-up which do not involve Majordomo-type commands.  Students find online lecture notes, textbooks,  practice exercises, quizzes, and tests also useful. The Philosophy Server provides a flexibility of services on a small scale that can only come from having a custom server.

Internet and Server/ClientGenesis of the Logic Lab

     In order to serve the philosophy students, with the  encouragement and help of the Information Technology Services,  the logic lab is presently set up to  individually help students in the use of logic software, the publication of their papers to the Internet, the use of tests and quizzes on-line at http://philosophy.lander.edu/, Message Boards, the use of Majordomo discussion lists, class-reserved Internet Chat channels, and e-mail accounts.

Prospects for the Logic Lab

     Although the services of the Philosophy Server may continue to grow, we will continue to emphasize effective individual help for students who are acquiring basic computer, e-mail, and Internet skills for the learning process. Anticipated extensions of the logic lab network include additional computers, additional faculty Web pages without designated size limitations, some increase of archived philosophy Majordomo mailing lists, Internet publishing for classes, additional Chat reserved channels, philosophy e-books, supplementary reading e-books, CVS, and the addition of Web-based Ezines.

Visit the Lab

     The logic lab is open to all philosophy students.  We especially encourage students who have not had the opportunity to use computers to stop by the lab and let us help you set up an e-mail account, learn write a paper, do a logic tutorial,  practice with online tests and quizzes, or research a topic on the Internet.

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