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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Assignment Schedule, Spring 2002

MWF 9:00-9:50 Web Alias A
MWF 11:00-11:50 Web Alias B

The following assignment schedule is subject to revision and is intended to be a general guide to the minimum assignments this semester.  The assignment given at the beginning of class takes precedence over this schedule.

Click here for File download of Logic Class Assignments, Spring 2002


Class Topic


Jan 9 W

Welcome to the Course
Purpose of the Course

Study Syllabus
Obtain textbook

Jan 11 F

What is Philosophy?

Set up email account
Sign up logichelp

Jan 14 M

What is Logic?

Study Copi 3-8
Post first message logichelp

Jan 16 W

The Structure of Arguments
Premisses and Conclusions

Study Copi 11-19
Ex. 9-10: 2-10

Jan 18 F

Introduction to Deduction and Induction
Introduction to Truth, Validity, Soundness

Study Copi 21-26
Ex. 19: 2, 4

Jan 21 M

How to Diagram Arguments

Study Copi 35-37
Ex. H.O. Complex Arguments

Jan 23 W

Explanations and Nonarguments

Study Copi 42-46
Ex. H.O. Premiss and Conclusion Indicators

Jan 25 F

Diagramming Practice

Study Copi 46-50
Study Syllabus 9-12
Web Practice Sheet

Jan 28 M

Take-Home Assignments

Web Practice
Opt. Review Web Premiss and Conclusion Indicator Quiz

Jan 20 W

Take-Home Assignments

Web Practice
Opt. Review Web Diagramming Arguments Quiz

Feb  1 F

Deduction and Induction
Truth, Validity, and Soundness, Part I
Web Practice Sheet Due

H.O. Diagramming with Deduction and Induction
Opt. Review Web Truth, Validity, Soundness Quiz

Feb  4 M

Truth, Validity, and Soundness, Part II

Review notes
Opt. Review Web Structure of Arguments Test

Feb  6 W

Review for Test

Chat 8:00~9:00

Feb  8 F

Test I:  The Structure of Arguments

Study Copi 71-81

Feb 11 M

Forms and Functions of Language

Study Copi 86-91

Feb 13 W

Emotive Words and Emotive Significance

Ex. H.O. Emotive Significance

Feb 15 F

Varieties of Disagreements
Belief and Attitude

Study Copi 95-97
Ex. H.O. Varieties of Disagreements
Ex. 92: 4-9

Feb 18 M

Introduction to Informal Fallacies

Review Web Varieties of Disagreements Quiz
Study Copi 137-150

Feb 20 W

Informal Fallacies of Relevance, Part I

Flash Cards: Relevance

Feb 22 F

Informal Fallacies of Relevance, Part II

Ex. 150-155: I, II all

Feb 25 M

Informal Fallacies of Presumption, Part I

Study Copi 156-167
Ex. 161-163: 1-10

Feb 27 W

Informal Fallacies of Presumption, Part II

Flash Cards: Presumption

Mar 1 F

The Great American Fallacy Contest

Opt.: Review Web Fallacy Test

Mar 3-Mar 10

Spring Break

Opt. Review Test on Informal Fallacies

Mar 11 M

Review for Test on Language and Informal Fallacies

Chat 8~9

Mar 13 W

Test II:  Language and Informal Fallacies

Study Copi 181-188

Mar 15 F

Categorical Propositions
Quantity, Quality, and Distribution

Study Copi 188-193
Ex. 188: 1-10
Memorize Chart

Mar 18 M

The Square of Opposition

Ex. 193: I-IV, all

Mar 20 W

"Bouncing Around the Square"

Study Copi 193-200

Mar 22 F

Further Immediate Inferences

Ex. 200-201: I-III, all

Mar 25 M

Successive Immediate Inferences, Part I

Ex. 201: IV: 1-5

Mar 27 F

Successsive Immediate Inferences, Part II

Study Copi 208-213
Ex. 201 V: 1-5

Mar 29 F

Venn Diagrams for Propositions

Ex. 213: 1-10

Apr   1 M

Review for Test on Categorical Syllogisms

Opt. Review Web Test on Categorical Syllogisms

Apr  3 W

Test III: Categorical Propositions

Study Copi 217-223

Apr  5 F

Syllogistic Terminology

Study Copi 221-223
Ex 220-221: 1-5

Apr  8 M

Method of Refutation by Means of Devising a Logical Analogy

Study Copi 224-231
Ex. 223: 2-4

Apr 10 W

Venn Diagrams for Syllogisms

Study Copi 232-236
Ex. 230-231:  I, all

Apr 12 F

Syllogistic Fallacies

Ex. 240-241: II, all

Apr 15 M

Problem Solving

Ex. 241-241 III: 1-5

Apr 17 W

Review for Test on Syllogisms

Chat 8~9
Opt. Review Web Test on Syllogisms

Apr 19 F

Test IV: Syllogisms

Review Questions for Final

Apr 22 M

Review for Comprehensive Final Exam

Opt. Review Web Tests




Apr 26 F

Final Exam at 8:00-10:00 Logic A
MWF 9:00-9:50 Section 03


Apr 29 M

Final Exam at 11:00-1:00 Logic B
MWF 11:00-11:50 Section 07



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