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Problem Set 1: Diagramming Arguments

©2004 Lee Archie GFDL

Directions: Diagram the the structure of the following arguments by referring to the numbered statements.

  1. (1) Cranberry juice prevents kidney infections (2) inasmuch as persons who drink large amounts do not get many kidney infections.

  2. (1) I know that God exists (2) because the world is well ordered by scientific law, (3) and this order is probably not due to chance alone.

  3. (1) Some students absent today are unprepared for this quiz, (2) since the law of averages dictates that only 10% of students are absent due to illness, (3) and more than 10% are absent.

  4. (1) John has dark circles under his eyes, (2) and he looks tired. (3) He didn't get much sleep last night.

  5. (1) Joe could have heart problems in the future. (2) He has creased ear-lobes and a depressed sternum (3) and these characteristics have been associated with heart attacks.


Lee Archie 2007-02-01