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Problem Set 2: Diagramming Arguments

©2006 Lee Archie GFDL

Directions: Diagram the the structure of the following arguments by referring to the numbered statements.

  1. (1) The graphical method of solving a system of equations is only an approximation, (2) since measuring the point of intersection depends on how accurate the lines are drawn.

  2. (1) Math grades for teens with bipolar disorder usually drop noticeably about one year before their condition is diagnosed; (2) thus, probably bipolar disorder involves a deterioration of mathematical reasoning.

  3. (1) You have been learning much more about sentence structure; (2) I've noticed that your essays are quite sophisticated.

  4. (1) Although the sky is cloudy, (2) there's a patch of blue in the northwest,(3) so the rainy weather is quite possibly ending.

  5. (1)Kelly Brownell wants a fat tax on ``extra-value meals'' (2) because 7 percent of Americans eat at McDonalds daily, (2) and obsity has risen 25 percent in the U.S. recently.


Lee Archie 2007-02-01