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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Diagramming Simple Arguments


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Directions: Diagram the arguments in the following passages.

A. (1) Joe probably will have heart problems in the future because (2) he has creased earlobes and a depressed sternum and (3) these characteristics have been associated with heart attacks.


B. (1) Since Sandra is wearing a soccer jersey, (2) she must be a soccer player.


C. (1) Only people with valid licenses can legally drive (2) and only people who pass the test can have a valid license. Therefore, (3) only those who pass the test can legally drive.


 D.  (1) Many adults wish they could have their noses fixed, for (2) research has shown that 45% of all Americans are displeased with the shape of their noses.


E.  (1)  You should really take it easy tonight, (2) you have a big test tomorrow.  

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