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Problem Set 1: Facts at Issue

Directions: Indicate the fact at issue between the following pairs of statements by stating a question with neutral emotive significance.

  1. Ms. Blank is a fluent conversationalist.
    Ms. Blank is a terrible chatterbox.

  2. Mr. Blank is an independent thinker.
    Mr. Blank never agrees with anyone.

  3. Mr. Smith came within 2 percent of meeting his quota.
    Mr. Smith failed to meet his quota.

  4. Ms. Dash generously contributed five dollars.
    Ms. Dash gave only five dollars.

  5. Little Jimmy often attempts to win by unorthodox methods.
    Little Jimmy cheats at games.

  6. Ms. Jones talked too much at the meeting.
    Ms. Jones maintained a stupid silence at the meeting.


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Problem Set 1: Facts at Issue

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