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Phil. 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Informal Fallacies, Part I

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Identify the fallacies of relevance in each of the following passages. Choose from the fallacies of ad ignorantiam, ad verecundiam, ad hominem, ad populum, ad misericordiam, and ad baculum.
  1. In spite of the best efforts of the scientific establishment, no cure of cancer has been forthcoming. There is no evidence that cancer can ever be cured. Therefore, I conclude that it is pointless to continue spending larg sums of money looking for a cure.

  2. Mrs. Smith has set forth her reasons for the comparatively low salaries for Postal employees. Her arguments are hardly deserving of careful consideration. After all, she has worked for the U.S. Post Office for the last forty years.

  3. If you ask around, you will see most people think that algegra is pretty useless in later life. For this reason, I cannot understand why we have to take a university course in this subject.

  4. Michael Greensby, one of the most erudite writers of the later twentieth century, has recently endorsed the use of herbal remedies for heumatism. Surely this testimony of such a deep thinker is one that we all should seriously consider.

  5. The administration and staff of the university have issued a statement that registration at Lander University is one of the most efficient in the state. I wouldn't choose to disagree with this statement if I were you since you probably won't get into any of the classes you need next semester.

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Phil. 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Informal Fallacies, Part I

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