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Phil. 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Informal Fallacies, Part II

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Identify the fallacies of presumption in each of the following passages. Choose from the fallacies of complex question, false cause, petitio principii, accident, and converse accident.
  1. How can we balance the budget, help our farmers, return to full employment, and keep our military strong? Only one way is clear-vote straight Republican.

  2. President Nixon cheated on his income tax, President Clinton cheated on his income tax, and I've heard, so did former President Bush. I conclude that all politicians cheat on their income tax.

  3. Studying too much for a text can often be confusing, for the reason that when you study too much, most of the important points are no longer clear.

  4. Einstein became a great scientist solely because his father helped him take a serious interest science when Albert was quite young.

  5. All citizens in this great nation of ours are granted equal rights. Therefore, any citizen, regardless of age or SAT score, has the equal right of attending this university.

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Phil. 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Informal Fallacies, Part II

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