There is a wealth of  information on the Web concerning the introduction to logic.  






More specialized links can be found at these excellent sites: 






Also, philosophy search engines are useful for finding specific persons, concepts, and theories. They are also accessible from the homepage.





A Tutorial in Critical Reasoning

Recognizing arguments and identifying their structure with practice exercises by Frank Elder at Metropolitan Community College.

Mission Critical--Critical Thinking Web Page

An interactive tutorial for critical thinking, including arguments, the analysis of arguments, and fallacies from San Jose State University.  

The Logic Primer, 2nd. ed.

A streamlined online text on propositional and predicate logic. without metatheory, by Colin Allen and Michael Hand, MIT Press.

The Power of Logic Web Tutorial

A free tutorial to accompany C. Stephen Layman's text, The Power of Logics, Mayfield Publishing.

Paul Tomassi's Logic @ Oxford Virtual Technology

Propositional and predicate calculus applets with documentation and download.

Influencing Through Argument

The use of rhetoric and persuasion, including arguments, analogy, and basic deductive and inductive reasoning, by Robert Huber, University of Vermont.

Johan Mårtensson's On-Line Logic Book

A syllogistic machine, programmed using Java Script--also see the first part of his logic text, under construction for some time, with interactive logic exercises.

The Logic Classroom

Learning traditional logic on your own, including immediate inferences, syllogisms, fallacies, and introductory symbolic logic, with exercises, tests, and answers, San José State University.

Stephen Downes' Guide to the Logical Fallacies

Extensive list with brief descriptions and examples of  common formal and informal fallacies, University of Alberta.

The Fallacy Files

Online definitions and interactive quizzes, an outstanding site by Gary N. Curtis.

The Logic Toolbox

Java applets for categorical propositions, syllogisms, and truth functions, by John Saetti.

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