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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Logic Readings in the Lander University Library F-G

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AUTHOR       Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-  
TITLE        Historians' fallacies : toward a logic of historical thought / by 
David Hackett Fischer.  
EDITION      1st ed.  
IMPRINT      New York : Harper & Row, c1970.  

D16 .F53

AUTHOR       Flew, Antony, 1923-  
TITLE        Logic and language (first series). Edited with an introd. by  
Antony Flew. Essays by Gilbert Ryle [and others]  
IMPRINT      Oxford, Blackwell, 1968, c1960.  
BC6 .F6 1968

AUTHOR       Flew, Antony, 1923-  
TITLE        Logic and language (second series) : essays / by J. L. Austin ... 
[et al.] ; edited with an introduction by Antony Flew.  
IMPRINT      Oxford ; New York : Basil Blackwell, 1961, c1959.  
BC6 .F63 1961


AUTHOR       Gardner, Martin, 1914-  
TITLE        Logic machines and diagrams.  
IMPRINT      New York, McGraw-Hill, 1958.  
BC138 .G3

AUTHOR       Geach, P. T. (Peter Thomas), 1916-  
TITLE        Reference and generality : an examination of some medieval and  
modern theories / by Peter Thomas Geach.  
EDITION      3rd ed.  
IMPRINT      Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, c1980.  
BC71 .G34 1980

AUTHOR       Goodman, Nelson.  
TITLE        Fact, fiction, and forecast.  
EDITION      [2d ed.]  
IMPRINT      Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill [1965]  
BC181 .G58 1965

AUTHOR       Grice, H. P. (H. Paul)  
TITLE        Studies in the way of words / Paul Grice.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, c1989.  

B1641.G483 S77 1989

AUTHOR       Grayling, A. C.  
TITLE        An introduction to philosophical logic / A.C. Grayling.  
IMPRINT      Brighton, Sussex : Harvester Press ; Totowa, N.J. : Barnes &  
             Noble, c1982.  
BC71 .G7 1982

TITLE        The Limitations of deductivism / edited by Adolf Grunbaum and  
Wesley C. Salmon.  
IMPRINT      Berkeley : University of California Press, c1988.  

Q175.3 .L56 1988

AUTHOR       Guttenplan, Samuel D.  
TITLE        Logic : a comprehensive introduction / Samuel D. Guttenplan,   
Martin Tamny.  
IMPRINT      New York : Basic Books, c1971.  
BC108 .G87 1971  

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