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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Logic Readings in the Lander University Library H-I

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AUTHOR       Haack, Susan.  
TITLE        Deviant logic : some philosophical issues / Susan Haack.  
IMPRINT      London ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1974.  
BC51 .H3

AUTHOR       Haack, Susan.  
TITLE        Philosophy of logics / Susan Haack.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge [Eng.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1978.  
BC71 .H15

AUTHOR       Hacking, Ian.  
TITLE        Logic of statistical inference.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge [Eng.] University Press [1974, c1965]  
QA276 .H2 1974

AUTHOR       Harnadek, Anita E.  
TITLE        Critical thinking : book 1 / by Anita Harnadek.  
IMPRINT      Troy, Mich. : Midwest Publications, c1976.  
BF 463 .C68 H3 V.1

AUTHOR       Hamilton, A. G., 1943-  
TITLE        Logic for mathematicians / A. G. Hamilton.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge [Eng.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1978.  
QA9 .H298

TITLE        Fallacies : classical and contemporary readings / edited by Hans  
V. Hansen and Robert C. Pinto.  
IMPRINT      University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, 
BC175 .F35 1995

AUTHOR       Harman, Gilbert.  
TITLE        Change in view : principles of reasoning / Gilbert Harman.  
IMPRINT      Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1986.  
BC177 .H37 1986

AUTHOR       Harris, Errol E.  
TITLE        Formal, transcendental, and dialectical thinking : logic and  
reality / Errol E. Harris.  
IMPRINT      Albany : State University of New York Press, c1987.  
BC71 .H24 1987

AUTHOR       Howell, Wilbur Samuel.  
TITLE        Eighteenth-century British logic and rhetoric.  
IMPRINT      Princeton University Press, 1971.  
ORDER CANCELLED for Circulation

AUTHOR       Hunter, Geoffrey.  
TITLE        Metalogic: an introduction to the metatheory of standard first  
order logic.  
IMPRINT      Berkeley, University of California Press, 1971.  
BC128 .H85 1971  
AUTHOR       Hughes, G. E. (George Edward), 1918-

 TITLE        A companion to modal logic / G.E. Hughes, M.J. Cresswell.  
IMPRINT      London ; New York : Methuen, c1984.  
BC199.M6 H795 1984


AUTHOR       Inhelder, Barbel.  
UNIF TITLE   Genese des structures logiques elementaires. English.  
TITLE        The early growth of logic in the child, classification and 
seriation, by Barbel Inhelder and Jean Piaget. Translated from  
the French by E. A. Lunzer and D. Papert.  
IMPRINT      New York, W. W. Norton [1969, c1964]  
BC72 I513 1969

AUTHOR       Inhelder, Barbel.  
UNIF TITLE   De la logique de l'enfant a la logique de l'adolescent. English.  
TITLE        The growth of logical thinking from childhood to adolescence; an  
essay on the construction of formal operational structures [by] 
Barbel Inhelder and Jean Piaget. Translated by Anne Parsons and 
Stanley Milgram.  
IMPRINT      [New York] Basic Books [1958]  
BF721 .I473  

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