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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: The Square of Opposition Answers


This quiz is based on the following notes:
The Square of Opposition

The Square of Opposition (Diagram)

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Directions: Assume the given proposition is true, perform the required logical operation, and state the resultant proposition. Then, state the resultant truth value.

Example: What is the contradictory of "All mass cults are art forms"?
Answer: Some mass cults are not art forms. False.

 1. What is the contradictory of "Some Presidents are former movie actors"?

          No Presidents are former movie actors.  False


2. What is the contrary of "All mass cults are kinetic art"?

          No mass cults are kinetic art.  False.


3. What is the superaltern of "Some CIA employees are defectors"?

          All CIA employees are defectors.  Undetermined.


4. What is the subcontrary of "Some policemen are not honest people"?

          Some policeman are honest people.  Undetermined.


5. What is the subaltern of "No logic students are con-artists"?

          Some logic students are not con-artists.  True.

 Please be sure you have stated the resultant truth values for these questions. )

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