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Majordomo Mailing List logichelp
is an important part of our philosophy course. logichelp is a forum where you can discuss, argue, and debate any issue relating to a logical topic. Your ideas are automatically sent via e-mail to other members of the list. You are encouraged to post questions, problems, or answers on any topic relating to logic, and you are especially encouraged to try out your philosophical ideas and theories.  In addition, logichelp might be a good place to seek information about test questions, interesting readings, or a pre-evaluation of your logic homework.

For this aspect of the course, you will need an e-mail account. All new and returning students have Lander e-mail accounts based upon your user name and password (your 4-digit PIN number issued to you when you registered for classes). If you do not know your PIN number and password, please see a lab assistant at the help desk on the second floor of Laura Lander Hall. The lab assistant will help you find your user name and password and explain how to use the web-based e-mail. If you prefer, I will be glad to help you become familiar with web-based e-mail in the Logic Lab, Learning Center M-33, during normal office hours.

The Office of Computing Services has set up a server whereby you can check your e-mail on the following web page:, or you can access your mail with a 3.5" Eudora Email Diskette (available for purchase at the University Bookstore). Many students set up web e-mail accounts with a free Internet service such as An extensive list of free e-mail accounts is provided in a directory

The most convenient way to join logichelp is to type in the following URL (the address) in your browser (i.e., Microsoftís Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Opera): . Type in your e-mail address in the form on the left-hand side of the page and click the "submit query" button.  You will receive on-screen confirmation of your subscription. This confirmation will not be an assurance that your correct address is on the mailing list until you receive verification in your e-mail account  Thatís all there is to it.

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To submit a message to logichelp, just send an e-mail to as in the following example:


  To reply to an email message, be sure to "reply to all" so that your email will be sent both to the list and to the individual you are replying to.  If you just "reply," your message will not be sent to the list--it will only go to the individual to whom you are replying.



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If e-mail is new to you, please stop by the Logic Lab in M33 during office hours, and I will be most happy to show you how to use Landerís web-based email, how to sign up for logichelp and how to send e-mail.

Mailing List Guidelines

When you post messages to logichelp, for proper credit, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Include a clear and precise subject line. When responding to a previous message, type your subject-line with a "Re: " before the subject given in the subject-line of the previous message A simpler way to respond to a previous message is by clicking "Reply to All" in your e-mail client; this click will automatically set the subject Ėline of your e-mail.
  2. Spam, chain letters, flaming, and other kinds of inappropriate content are expressly prohibited and will result in the senderís suspension from the list. You message is moderated so it may take up to 24 hours before it is posted. If you wish to get a copy of your message, be sure to CC your email to your own e-mail address.
  3. Include your name and email address in the message.
  4. Finally, as is usual with e-mail etiquette, please do not use all capital letters in your posts and do not use attachments.

Note:  PBS has an outstanding Guide to Understanding and Using Electronic Mail if you wish to learn more about the application.  If you are new to e-mail be sure to check out Netiquette Guidelines for how to handle viruses, hoaxs, chain-letters, and spam.

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