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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Syllogistic Terminology

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This quiz is based on the following notes:
Syllogistic Terminology

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Directions: In the blank spaces provided next to each term, write the appropriate letter corresponding to the best characterization from the dictionary column.



_____ 1. major term   A. premiss containing the middle term
_____ 2. minor term   B. name of major premiss, name of minor premiss, and name of conclusion written as a sequence of three letters
_____ 3. middle term   C. all of the statements in the syllogism written as standard form categorical propositions
_____ 4. mood   D. two hundred and fifty-six possible forms
_____ 5. major premiss   E. term appearing in both premisses
_____ 6. minor premiss   F. major premiss stated first, minor premiss stated second, conclusion stated third
_____ 7. standard form   G. deductive argument in which a conclusion is drawn from two premisses
_____ 8. standard order   H. premiss containing the major term
_____ 9. figure   I. premiss containing the minor term
_____10. syllogism   J. premiss containing the middle term
K. indicates the position of the middle term in the premisses
L. predicate term of the conclusion
M. subject term of the conclusion
N. none of the above

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