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Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic
Quiz: Truth, Validity, and Soundness

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Directions: Carefully study statements 1-10. Decide whether each statement is true or  false and write in the spaces provided the word "true" or the word "false" in accordance with your decision.

  1. __________ A sound argument is a valid deductive argument with true premisses. 

  1. __________ A deductive argument cannot be both valid and unsound. 

  1. __________ All valid deductive arguments are sound arguments. 

  1. __________ A deductive argument can be either valid or invalid and still have true premisses. 

  1. _________ When the conclusion of a deductive argument is true, the argument must be sound. 

  1. __________ When the premisses of a deductive argument are true, the conclusion is always true as well. 

  1. __________ If a deductive argument is sound, then the conclusion must be true. 

  1. __________ A deductive argument could have a false premiss and still be sound. 

  1. __________ In a valid deductive argument the conclusion could be true or false. 

  1. __________ An invalid deductive argument could have all true statements in it. 

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