Assignment Schedule Version 1.3

Date Class Topic Assignment
03.24 Test I Siddhartha Preview Hinduism
R 20
03.29 Hinduism
R 21 Purposes of Life Quiz: Hindu Purposes of Life
03.31 Kinds of Yoga I
R 22 Jnana; Bhakti yoga  
  Quiz: Hindu Purposes of Life  
04.05 Kinds of Yoga II
T 23 Karma; Raja yoga Quiz: Kinds of Yoga
04.07 Moksa; Reincarnation
R 24 Stages of Life; Caste System
  Quiz: Kinds of Yoga  
04.12 Is Buddhism a Religion?
T 25 Buddha's Life
  Four Noble Truths
    Quiz: Four Noble Truths
04.14 The Eightfold Path Part I
R 26 Quiz: Four Noble Truths Prepare Review Questions
04.19 The Eightfold Path Part II Review for Tests Hinduism, Buddhism
T 27 Review for Tests
04.21 Test II: Hinduism Review for MakeUp Tests
R 28 Test III: Buddhism Revised Office Hours Posted on LC M-33 and Philosophy Forum
04.26 Final Examination Period Grades Posted Within 48 Hours
T 8:00-10:00 am Have a Great Summer!
  Approved Make-up Exams Only Summer Reading: Huston Smith, The Religions of Man

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