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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
Quiz: Humanism, Naturalism, and Supernaturalism

Directions:  Click  the radio button corresponding to the best answer for each multiple choice question.  Your score and answers are given when you click on the "Get Score" button.
1. Naturalism is the philosophical belief that the world process is
purposeless and deterministic.
created by God in accordance with the laws of nature.
primarily for human beings.
only understood through religious belief.

2. Humanism is the philosophical belief that the welfare and happiness of human beings is
only incidental to the world process.
is important but not as important as God's purpose.
is of primary concern in the world process.
dependent on ecological and biological processes.

3. Supernaturalism is perhaps best thought of as a
theological belief.
philosophical hypothesis.
a scientific presupposition.
humanism only.

4. The belief that human affairs are more important than the rest of nature is held by
supernaturalism and naturalism
humanism and supernaturalism.
humanism and naturalism
humanism only.

5. The Stratonician presumption is that
we should never assume anything.
a sufficient reason must be given for assuming God's existence.
entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.
science cannot prove or disprove God's existence.

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If you had any difficulty with this quiz please see the notes, "Naturalism, Supernaturalism, and Humanism."



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