There is a wealth of philosophical information on the Web.  These links on Oriental Philosophy are selected for general interest.






More specialized links can be found by pursuing the links listed on Yahoo's Faiths and Practices.






Especially helpful for specific concepts or terms is The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, still under development but a useful reference source.






Also, the specific philosophical search engines are helpful.

  Buddhism 101

An introduction to Buddhism, the life of Buddha, a glossary, and mediation are offered by Tricycle magazine.

Buddhism in the National Capital of Canada

This varied site includes many good links and is included here in order to mention Mike Butler's very clear "Introduction to Buddhism" and Thich Nhat Han's insightful "The Five Mindfulness Trainings," various meditation instructions, and passages from the Dharmapada.

IRIZ: International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

The institute has a large collection of Buddhist texts, including Zen art and anecdotes. 

Links for Orientalists

The site includes useful electronic resources for research and the study of Oriental texts. 

Hinduism--An Overview

Sunil Balasubramaniam provides an introduction to the philosophy and some of the main concepts of Hinduism.

The Hindu Universe

This searchable guide to Hinduism is arranged in categories such as "history," "worship," and "customs." 

An excellent place to start for overviews, brief histories, and short summaries of Oriental philosophy and religion.  Especially helpful are

The Sikhism Home Page

This Extensive listing of Sikh resources and organizations are given together with a thorough overview and history of the Sikh way of life, including a glossary of religious terms and downloadable audio prayers.

Taoism Information Page

This site has online resources on Tao, Taoism, and Neotaoism. Among other topics, there are sections on the Tao Te Ching, Chuang -tzu, the I Ching, Sun-tzu's Art of War, martial arts, and the history of Chinese civilization and culture.

Tricycle Buddhist Review

The Buddhist Quarterly's on-line home page features news, essays, and products.


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