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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
Quiz: The Soul and the Empirical Ego

Directions:  Click  the radio button corresponding to the best answer for each multiple choice question.  Your score and answers are given when you click on the "Get Score" button.
1. The empirical self can be best described as
what the ego is, apart from what the ego does.
a summary of the characteristics of a person.
the soul.
what a person identifies with.

2. The empirical self of an individual
can never be known by another person.
can, in principle, be known by another person.
is what Christians mean by "soul."
is manifested in a meditative state.

3. The Self can best be described as
what the ego does, apart from what the ego is.
the superego or conscience.
what a person most essentially is.
the detailed life-history of the empirical self.

4. The Self is best known, in the beginning, at least,
via negativa--that is, by what it is not.
by what others say about us.
by studying contemporary psychology.
by engagement in activity.

5. Many Oriental philosophies attempt to uncover or experience
the empirical self.
the subconscious.
the Self, soul, or essence of what we are.

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If you had any difficulty with this quiz please see the notes, "Chapter 2: With the Samanas."


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