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Appointments--Office Hours

I look forward to talking to each of you about our philosophy course. You are warmly encouraged to stop by my office to discuss classroom lectures, ideas, or problems. If the stated office hours do not fit your schedule, other times can be arranged. For questions about course content and course procedures use the Philosophy Server's Philosophy Forum. You will need to register for this Discussion Board according to the instructions given in Section 3.9 Philosophy Forum below.

Personal questions should be sent to only. Please do not use WebCT email or my Lander Webmail address for email contact in this course. (I do not use or check WebCT email, and I like to keep student correspondence separate from the mass mailings and notices which fill Lander's Webmail.)

My daily schedule is online here:

General Education Core Requirements

Note especially: Although Phil. 312 fulfills the General Education Core Curriculum Requirement for Global Issues/Non-Western Studies and Humanities for most majors, this course does not fulfill the requirement for logic and analytical thought. If you are seeking to fulfill the logic and analytical thought requirement by registering for a philosophy course, you need to enroll in Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic.

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