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Class Assignments

Daily Schedule Version 1.0
Note: The following assignment schedule is subject to revision and is intended to be a general guide to the assignments this semester. The assignment written on the blackboard at the beginning of each class takes precedence over this schedule. As the semester progresses, for the most recent version of our class schedule, check If an update is available, the version number will be a number higher than Version 1.0. In the ``Date'' column, the number after M, W, or F is the number of the class, counting from the beginning of the semester. In the Class Topic column, the subjects covered by that day's class are listed, together with important due dates for assignments, quizzes, and papers. The Assignment column lists the day an assignment is assigned, not the day the assignment is due.
Assignment Schedule
Date Class Topic Assignment
01.05 Welcome to the Course Study Syllabus 1-18.
W 1 Purpose of the Course Obtain textbook
  What is Philosophy? Check out Scientific Reasoning Web
  Class Requirements Begin Syllabus Web Practice Sheet
01.17 The Structure of Arguments Continue Quiz 1: Web Practice Sheet
F 2 Premisses and Conclusions Study Copi 1-11; 16-21
  Diagramming Simple Arguments Ex. 12-15: 1, 3, 4, 6, 20, 31
    Ex. 21-23: 2, 3, 7, 12, 17
    Quiz: Argument Indicators
    Quiz: Statements
01.20 Nonarguments and Explanations Study Copi 26-31; 37-43
M 3 Diagramming Complex Arguments Sign up for srhelp
  Quiz: Argument Indicators Post message mwforum
  Quiz: Statements Ex. 45-46: 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 19
    Quiz Diagramming
Date Class Topic Assignment
01.22 Deduction and Induction Study Copi 50-57; Opt. 57-63
W 4 Truth, Validity, and Soundness (Opt. especially Pre-Law)
  Quiz: Diagramming Syllabus Ex. Diagramming
    Opt Quiz: Copi 62: 2, Hats Problem
01.24 Review Structure of Arguments Study Copi 68-73; 73-79
F 5 Opt. Quiz: Hats Due Syllabus Ex. Statements
  Help on Web Practice Sheet Continue Web Practice Sheet
01.27 Class does not meet Study Copi 82-89
M 6 Self-Directed Inquiry: Syllabus Ex. Emotive Significance
  Forms of Language Continue Web Practice Sheet
  Functions of Language  
01.29 Class does not meet Study Copi 82-85
W 7 Self-Directed Inquiry: Syllabus Ex. Quotation
  Emotive Words (Inductive Thought Experiment)
01.31 Varieties of Disagreements Study Copi 85-89
F 8 Resolving Disputes Ex. 91: 10-14
    Syllabus Ex. Varieties of Disagreements
    Varieties of Disgareements
02.03 Emotive Significance Study Copi 92-94
M 9 Neutral Language Select Questions for Review
  Quiz: Varieties of Disagreements Complete Web Practice Sheet
02.05 Review of Language Review for Test
W 10 Review of Arguments Study Copi 1-95
  Quiz: Web Practice Sheets Due Chat 02.06 8-9 PM
  Student Directed Questions Syllabus: Review for Test I
02.07 Test 1: Arguments and Language Study Copi 96-98
F 11    
02.10 Nature of Fallacies Study Copi 105-110
M 12 Classification of Fallacies Ex. 103-105: 1-10
  Equivocation; Begging the Question Prepare Fallacy Flash Cards
  Complex Question; False Dichotomy  
Date Class Topic Assignment
02.12 Red Herring; Straw Man Study Copi 111-120
W 13 Division; Composition Ex. 110-111: 1-10
    Prepare Fallacy Flash Cards
    Quiz: Fallacy, Part I
02.14 Fallacies of Relevance Study Copi 111-120
F 14 Popular Appeal; Appeal to Authority Ex. 120-121: 1-10
  Appeal to Ignorance; Appeal to Emotion Prepare Fallacy Flash Cards
  Personal Attack  
  Quiz: Fallacy, Part I  
02.17 Inductive Fallacies Study Copi 132-137
M 15 Genetic Fallacy; Hasty Generalization Ex. 127-129: 1-10
  False Cause; Slippery Slope Ex. 129-131: 1-20
  Weak Analogy Quiz: Fallacy, Part II
02.19 Purposes of Definition Study Copi 137-144
W 16 Types of Definition Syllabus Ex. Types of Definitions
  Quiz: Fallacy, Part II  
02.21 Kinds of Meaning Study Copi 144-154
F 17 Techniques For Defining Ex. 148: I: 1-5
    Quiz: Types of Definitions
02.24 Rules for Definition by Genus and Difference Study Copi 155-158
M 18 Quiz: Types of Definitions Ex. 158: II: 1-10
    Ex. 160-161: III:1-10
    Choose Paper or Project Topic
02.26 Review of Fallacies Review for Test
W 19 Review of Definition Study Copi 96-162
    Chat 02.27 8-9 PM
    Syllabus Review Sheet Test II
02.28 Test II: Fallacies and Definitions Study Copi 163-167
F 20   Complete First Draft of Paper or Project
03.03 Analogies Study Copi 163-167
M 21 Analogical Arguments Quiz: Analogical Schema
  Literary Analogies  
Date Class Topic Assignment
03.05 Evaluating Analogical Arguments Study Copi 171-176
W 22 Quiz: Analogical Schema Ex. 176-178: 1-5 Begin
    Quiz: Paper or Project
03.07 Refutation by Logical Analogy Study Copi 183-185
F 23 Paper or Project Due Ex. 175-178: 1-5 Complete
03.10 Spring Break  
03.17 Causal Connections Study Copi 190-194
M 24 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions Ex. 194 all
    Quiz: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
03.19 Mill's Methods of Experimental Inquiry Study Copi 194-198; 200-203
W 25 Method of Agreement Ex. 204: 2, 5
  Method of Difference  
  Quiz: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions  
03.21 Mill's Methods Study Copi 204-209
F 26 Joint Method of Agreement and Difference Ex. 209-210: 4
    Quiz: Method of Agreement
03.24 Mill's Methods Study Copi 211-213; 215-218
M 27 Method of Residues Ex. 213-214: 2, 5
  Method of Concomitant Variations Ex. 218: 3
  Quiz: Method of Agreement Quiz: Method of Difference
03.26 Review of Analogy and Mill's Methods Study Copi 221-226
W 29 Quiz: Method of Difference Bring Questions to Class
03.28 Mill's Methods and Modern Science Review Copi 163-226
F 29 Review of Analogy and Mill's Methods Syllabus: Review Test III
  Student Directed Questions Chat 03.30 8-9 PM
03.31 Test III: Analogical Arguments and Mill's Methods Study Copi 235-238
M 30   Syllabus: Patterns
Date Class Topic Assignment
04.02 Science and Value Theory Study Copi 238-244
W 31 Kinds of Explanations Patterns: An Inductive Inquiry
04.04 Evaluating Scientific Explanations Study Copi 244-249
F 32 Relevance; Compatibility Quiz: Begin Email Pattern
  Predictive or Explanatory Power  
04.07 The Detective as Scientist, Part I Study Copi 249-257
M 33   Begin British Mystery
04.09 The Detective as Scientist, Part II Re-Study Copi 249-257
W 34   Complete British Mystery
04.11 The Pattern of Scientific Investigation Study Copi 257-261
F 35 Quiz: Email Pattern Inquiry Completed  
04.14 Crucial Experiments and ad hoc Hypotheses Study Copi 261-266
M 36    
04.16 Can There Be a Logic of Discovery? Ex. 271-281: 3, 5, 6, 8, 9
W 37 Problem Solving Quiz: Complete Comments on Papers
04.18 Classification as Hypothesis Study Copi 267-270
F 38 Taxonomy and Event Description Ex. 271-281: 13, 23, 26
  Quiz: Comments on Papers Due Bring Review Questions to Class
04.21 Review For Science and Hypothesis Review Copi 235-271
M 39   Review For Test IV
    Syllabus: Review Sheet Test IV
    Chat 04.22 8-9 PM
04.23 Test IV: Science and Hypothesis Review Questions For Tests I - II
W 40    
04.25 Review For Final Review Questions For Tests II-IV
F 41 Arguments; Language Web: Scientific Reasoning Assessment
  Fallacies; Definitions  
  Student Directed Questions  
Date Class Topic Assignment
04.28 Review For Final Review for Selected Exams
M 42 Analogy; Mill's Methods q.v., FAQ
  Science and Hypothesis  
04.07 Final Examination Grades Posted within 48 hours
W MWF 8:00-11:00 AM Section 01  

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