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Disclaimers, Credits, and Copyright Information

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1. Lander University's Disclaimer

2. Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement

Lander University's Disclaimer

While this page resides in the LANDER.EDU domain, it is not a publication of Lander University. Lander University has neither examined nor approved the content of these pages. Sole responsibility for the content of this page falls to its author. The views expressed in this page are solely the opinion of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Lander University. Any inquires should be addressed to the author:

Dr. Lee C. Archie

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Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement:

The University, as an Internet Service Provider is mandated by federal law to designate an “Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement.” The University's designated agent is Karen Watson.

Karen Watson
Office of Computing Services
Lander University
Greenwood, South Carolina 29649
(voice) 864-388-8234
(fax) 864-388-8052

If you believe that any faculty, staff, or student of the University has infringed on your rights as a copyright owner, please contact the agent with the following information:

  • Your complete name, mailing address, email address, phone and fax numbers
  • Information about your copyrighted material (URL, book title, etc.)
  • The URL of the Lander University site which has the infringing material
  • Any other information supporting your claim.

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