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Chris Gowens, "Moral Relativism"[1] is an entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy discussing the historical background and main arguments with extensive bibliography.

S.K. Sanderson, "Edward Westermarck:The Invisible Master"[2] is a paper on the site All Academic Research presented before the American Sociological Association discussing the career and major contributions of Westermarck.

Chris Swoyer, "Relativism"[3] is a short discussion from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defining the difference between descriptive ethical relativism and normative ethical relativism.

Petri Liukkonen, "Edvard (Alexander) Westermarck"[4] essays the life and thought of Westermarck with a bibliography of Westermarck's writings on the Books and Writers Website.



"Moral Relativism"


"Edward Westermarck"


Section on "Ethics"


"Edvard (Alexander) Westermarck"