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Philosophy 312: Oriental Philosophy
Eastern Philosophy Book Reviews 

This page contains the following information:

1. How to Post Your Book Review.

2.  Class Book Review Selections.

1. How to Post Your Book Review

First, see the information about doing a book review in this course at this link:  Book Review Information (pdf).

To post  your book review to the mwforum Message Board, follow the following steps:

1. Download one of the following book review forms to your computer::

reviewform.txt     Ethics Book Review Form

reviewform.doc     Ethics Review Form

To download the text or document file, right-click on the underlined link "reviewform.txt" or""reviewform.doc" and then left-click on "Save Target As".  When the file download window opens (with the title "Save As"), choose to save the file to the Desktop. Then click, the "Save" button. Or in some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, to download the files, right-click on the underlined link and save to your desktop.
2. After the file downloads to the Desktop of your computer, go to the desktop by clicking on the Desktop icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen or instead, if you prefer, minimize all open windows to reveal the desktop..  
3.  Find the doc or txt icon labelled reviewform.txt or reviewform.doc. Next, double click on the icon for the "reviewform" txt or doc file to open in your text editor or word processor.
4. The book review form will automatically open in your word processor or text editor after you double click it.   Now enter the answers to the questions based on your reading.
5.Save the document as a text file (txt).  (Saving as a text file will remove all formatting, but it makes an easier paste to the message board.)
5. Copy and paste the whole document to the mwforum Message Board . To copy and paste your book review,  in your word processor or text editor, first click on "Edit" on the taskbar and then click "Select All." Next, click on "Edit" and then click "Copy."  The Book Review is now in the Clipboard ready to be pasted.
7. Go to the mwForum Message Board and click on "Oriental Philosophy."
8.  Click on "Post Topic" and type in the title of the book in your book review in the subject pane.  Next, click in the Message Box to place the cursor there.  Now right-click and then click on the "Paste" in the pop-up menu.  Your Book Review will be pasted in the message book.
9. Adjust any spacing between questions, but do not enter carriage returns, because on the Web, your text will automatically "word-wrap."  (Different computers have different screen resolutions selected, so the number of words on a line will differ from computer to computer.)
10. Finally, click the "Post" button and your Review is complete.  If you see a typographical error or wish to make some other correction, simply click on "Edit" button and make corrections.  Then click "Change" when you are finished.

2.  Class Book Review Selections.






























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