Chapter 7. Sansara

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Ideas of Interest from "Sansara"
The Reading Selection from "Sansara"
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Ideas of Interest from "Sansara"

  1. Why did Siddhartha envy the childlike people?

  2. What is the nature of Siddhartha's "inward voice"? Is his inward voice the same thing as his conscience? Explain the similarity or the difference between the two faculties.

  3. Why is Siddhartha's wealth seen as a burden? Isn't wealth and prestige what most persons seek?

  4. Explain the main points of Siddhartha's method of self-analysis.

  5. In what ways was Siddhartha's life more wretched than the childlike people?

  6. Why did Kamala expect Siddhartha to leave without explanation and farewells? Why does Kamala free the golden song-bird?