Chapter 8. By the River

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Ideas of Interest from "By the River"
The Reading Selection from "By the River"
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Assault of Mara, ©Kathleen Cohen

Ideas of Interest from "By the River"

  1. Siddhartha concludes the game of Sansara is not a game worth losing his life over, and so he leaves the life of sensation. Why, then, does he fall even deeper in despair as he assertively abandons the ways of his old life?

  2. Siddhartha defensively replies to Govinda's inquiries, "I am on a pilgrimage." When Govinda expresses surprise, Siddhartha rationalizes his assertion. Why pose such a pretense before his old friend?

  3. Later in life, Siddhartha refers to this meeting with Govinda described in this chapter and claims that he learned something significant from Govinda. Can you discover any clue as to what Siddhartha learns?

  4. In what ways did Buddha's warning, in the third chapter, to "be aware of too much knowledge" foreshadow Siddhartha's present crisis?