Chapter 10. The Son

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Ideas of Interest from "The Son"
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Ideas of Interest from "The Son"

  1. Given the son's karma, what will most likely be his path in life? Explain how his character could become the architect of his destiny?

  2. With respect to his son, in what ways is Siddhartha similar to the childlike people?

  3. Siddhartha preferred the sorrow of the love for his son to the happiness without him. Do you think it would be possible for Siddhartha achieve enlightenment while tending for his son? Can anyone deeply care for something without trying to change it?

  4. How does Siddhartha's unconditional love undermine his son's self-esteem? Is Siddhartha's unhappiness a result of his expectations of what he thinks his son should be, or is it a result of caring too much for his son?

  5. How did Vasudeva presage the loss of the oar? Is it possible the ferryman has the ability to see causal sequences as singular events?