Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

An Open Source Reader

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Lee Archie

Jeffrey Baggett

Bill Poston

John G. Archie

Michael Pullen originally produced the ebook for Project Gutenberg upon which this open source text is based. Translations were made by Gunther Olesch, Anke Dreher, Amy Coulter, Stefan Langer, Semyon Chaichenets, and proofreading was done by Chandra Yenco and Isaac Jones. Changes made by the editors of the current GFDL version are grammatical and typographical changes.


The current GFDL version of this open source textbook in philosophy is a work-in-progress and is being released in draft form. The collaborators would be grateful for corrections or other suggestions to this preliminary draft. Please address comments to


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Table of Contents
Why Open Source?
Part I.
1. The Son of the Brahman
Ideas of Interest from "The Son of the Brahman"
The Reading Selection from "The Son of the Brahmin"
Topics Worth Investigating
2. With the Samanas
Ideas of Interest from "With the Samanas"
The Reading Selection from "With the Samanas"
Topics Worth Investigating
3. Gotama
Ideas of Interest from "Gotama"
The Reading Selection from "Gotama"
Topics Worth Investigating
4. Awakening
Ideas of Interest from "Awakening"
The Reading Selection from "Awakening"
Topics Worth Investigating
Part II.
5. Kamala
Ideas of Interest from "Kamala"
The Reading Selection from "Kamala"
Topics Worth Investigating
6. With the Childlike People
Ideas of Interest from "With the Childlike People"
The Reading Selection from "With the Childlike People"
Topics Worth Investigating
7. Sansara
Ideas of Interest from "Sansara"
The Reading Selection from "Sansara"
Topics Worth Investigating
8. By the River
Ideas of Interest from "By the River"
The Reading Selection from "By the River"
Topics Worth Investigating
9. The Ferryman
Ideas of Interest from "The Ferryman"
The Reading Selection from "The Ferryman"
Topics Worth Investigating
10. The Son
Ideas of Interest from "The Son"
The Reading Selection from "The Son"
Topics Worth Investigating
11. Om
Ideas of Interest from "Om"
The Reading Selection from "Om"
Topics Worth Investigating
12. Govinda
Ideas of Interest from "Govinda"
The Reading Selection from "Govinda"
Topics Worth Investigating