Chapter 5. Kamala

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Ideas of Interest from "Kamala"
The Reading Selection from "Kamala"
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Kama: God of Love, ŠKathleen Cohen

Ideas of Interest from "Kamala"

  1. What do you think Siddharta means by the phrase, "the random self of the senses"?

  2. Explain the passage, " But never, he had really found this self, because he had wanted to capture it in the net of thought." Why cannot my "self" be thought?

  3. What is the significance and what is your interpretation of Siddhartha's dream?

  4. Siddhartha seems to think the ferryman is one of the childlike people. Even so, can you find any evidence that the ferryman seems to have mystical powers?

  5. In the encounter with the young woman by the stream, why did not Siddhartha stay with her? Why, later, does he overlook this encounter when he says to Kamala, "…and the first one I met, even before I had entered the city, was you"?

  6. Explain the significance of the keys to Siddhartha's abilities and success in terms of his stated litany, "I can think, I can wait, I can fast."

  7. How does Siddhartha characterize the nature of magic?