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This page contains the following information:

1. How to Post Your Book Review.

2.  Class Book Review Selections.

3. Additional Book Suggestions from Amazon

1. How to Post Your Book Review

To post  your book review to the mwforum Message Board, follow the following steps:

1. Download one of the following book review forms to your computer::

reviewform.txt     Ethics Book Review Form

reviewform.doc     Ethics Review Form

To do this, right-click on the underlined link or icon and then left-click on "Save Target As".  When the file download window opens (with the title "Save As"), choose to save the file to the Desktop. Then click, the "Save" button.
2. After the file downloads to the Desktop of your computer, go to the desktop by clicking on the Desktop icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen or by minimizing all open windows.  
3.  Find the doc or txt icon labelled reviewform.txt or reviewform.doc. Next, double click on the icon for the "reviewform" txt or doc file to open in your word processor.
4. The book review form will automatically open in your word processor after you double click it.   Now enter the answers to the questions based on your reading.
5.Save the document as a text file (txt).  (Saving as a text file will remove all formatting, but it makes an easier paste to the message board.)
5. Copy and paste the whole document in the "Ethics Book-Review" section of the mwforum Message Board. To do copy and paste your book review,  first click on "Edit" on the taskbar and then click "Select All." Second, click on "Edit" and then click "Copy".  The Book Review is now in the Clipboard ready to be pasted.
7. Go to the mwForum Message Board and click on Ethics Book-Review.
8.  Click on "Post Topic" and type in the title of the book in your book review.  Next, click in the Message Box to place the cursor there.  Now right-click and then click on the "Paste" in the pop-up menu.  Your Book Review will be pasted in the message book.
9. Adjust any spacing between questions, but do not enter carriage returns, because on the Web, your text will automatically "word-wrap."  (Different computers have different screen resolutions selected, so the number of words on a line will differ from computer to computer.)
10. Finally, click the "Post" button and your Review is complete.  If you see a typographical error or wish to make some other correction, simply click on "Edit" button and make corrections.  Then click "Change" when you are finished.

2.  Class Book Review Selections.




























3. Additional Book Suggestions from Amazon

If you choose to buy a book, here are some additional suggestions with links to Amazon by  Steve Nakamoto, Former Life Mastery Trainer For Motivational Expert Tony Robbins and Communications/Human Relations Instructor For Dale Carnegie & Associates.

Further Suggestions:

'Goals: How to Get Everything You Want-- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible'
'The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal'
'Surrendering to Yourself: You Are Your Own Soul Mate'


For  reading on important interpersonal issues check out some of these  resources which might be of interest:

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings
Setting Your Heart on Fire: Seven Invitations to Liberate Your Life
The Road Less Traveled, 25th Anniversary Edition : A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
Emotional Discipline: The Power to Choose How You Feel
A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do

Present Moment Awareness: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Living in the Now
The John Wooden Pyramid of Success: The Authorized Biography, Philosophy and Ultimate Guide to Life, Leadership, Friendship and Love of the Greatest
A Car, Some Cash and a Place to Crash: The Only Post-College Survival Guide You'll Ever Need
Golf for Enlightenment: The Seven Lessons for the Game of Life
The Breakout Principle: How to Activate the Natural Trigger That Maximizes Creativity, Athletic Performance, Productivity and Personal Well-Being

Please Stop Laughing at Me
If I Get to Five: What Children Can Teach Us About Courage and Character
Compass Of The Soul: 52 Ways Intuition Can Guide You To The Life Of Your Dreams
Life As a Daymaker: How to Change the World by Simply Making Someone's Day
Passionate Presence: Experiencing the Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness

There Must Be More Than This: Finding More Life, Love, and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions
On the Sweet Spot: Stalking the Effortless Present
'f I'd Known Then What I Know Now: Why Not Learn from the Mistakes of Others?-- You Can't Afford to Make Them All Yourself'
Dear God! What's Happening to Us
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Depression Fallout : The Impact of Depression on Couples and What You Can Do to Preserve the Bond'
Life's Little Emergencies: Everyday Rescue for Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, and Life
20/20 Thinking: 1,000 Medical Breakthroughs to Sharpen Your Mind, Brighten Your Mood, and Boost Your Memory
50 Self-Help Classics: 50 Inspirational Books to Transform Your Life, From Timeless Sages to Contemporary Gurus
Living LA Dolce Vita: Bring the Passion, Laughter and Serenity of Italy into Your Daily Life'

The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams
Remarkable Changes : Turning Life's Challenges into Opportunities
The Anger Advantage: The Surprising Benefits of Anger and How It Can Change Your Life
Zen: The Perfect Companion
Ageless: Take Control of Your Age and Stay Youthful for Life

Sacred Wounds: Succeeding Because of Life's Pain
I Am Diva! Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living
Heart Sense: Unlocking Your Highest Purpose and Deepest Desires
The Nine Modern Day Muses: 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers, and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence
Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Nobody Home: From Belief to Clarity
Embracing Uncertainty: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Peace of Mind When Facing the Unknown
Leaving Home: Survival of the Hippest
Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii: Stories of Aloha to Create Paradise Wherever You Are
Turning Inward: A Private Journal for Self-Reflection

Soul Mission, Life Vision: Recognize Your True Gifts and Make Your Mark in the World
Instructions for Your Discontent: How Bad Times Can Make Life Better
Selling 101 : What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know
The Art of Closing Any Deal: How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do
6 Steps to Free Publicity: "For Corporate Publicists or Solo Professionals, Including...Publishers, Consultants, Conference Planners, Politicians, Inventors
Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High!

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