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Review Sheets: The Ethics of Duty and the Good 

Abstract:  The topics and questions listed below are the most significant information covered in our study of the ethics of duty and the good.

Be able to define and give an example of each of the following concepts

1.  Pascal's Wager
2.  naturalistic ethics
3.  nihilism
4.  prescriptive vs. descriptive ("is" vs. "ought")
5.  Jung's Theory of Types
6.  thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuitive types
7.  the good will
8.  "actions in accordance with duty" vs. "actions performed for the sake of duty"
9.  Maxim and Hypothetical Imperative
10. Categorical Imperative
11.  Practical Imperative
12.  Self-realization
13.  Variety pattern of self-realization
14.  Dominant theme pattern of self-realization
15.  Maximum fulfillment of desires
16.  Cooperative vs. destructive capacities
17.  Intrinsic vs. instrumental good
18.  psychological hedonism vs. ethical hedonism
19.  distinction between pleasure and the sources of pleasure
20.  hedonistic paradox
21  objections to hedonism
22.  Aristotle on pleasure
23.  Utilitarianism
24   Hedonistic calculus
25.  Objections to Utilitarianism

Discussion Questions

1.  What is naturalistic ethics?  How can Jung's theory of types be used for the basis of a naturalistic ethics?  How does naturalistic ethics reduce "ought" to "can"?  What life goals are implied by a naturalistic ethics?

2.  What is the ethics of self-realization?  What are the main patterns of self-realization?  List at least two shortcomings of a self-realization philosophy.

3.  Explain the three major aspects of Kant's duty ethics.  What are the major shortcoming of his ethical theory?

4.  Show in what way the Alligator River Story illustrates the conflict of several ethical theories, and on this basis explain why readers disagree over the goodness of each character.

5.  Use the hedonistic calculus to prove that taking this ethics test is superior to sleeping in this morning.

Recommended Sources

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The Good:  Links to the lecture notes covered by this review sheet.

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