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Book Review Data Format  

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Bibliographical Data:   (Author, Title, and Publication Data)

Background Information:

Who is the author?  (What is the nationality and origin?  When did the author write? Check standard reference books.)


  • What other work has the author done?


  • What is the author's reputation?


  • Are there any important or enlightening circumstances connected with the composition of this work?

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Subject Matter of the Book


  • What kind of book is it?  (Is it fiction, history, popular psychology, textbook, technical?)


  • What is the subject of the book?


  • What material does it treat?


  • What is the tenor of the book-the author's basic interpretation of the material?

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Method of Organization


  • Summarize in your own words the table of contents


  • What are the tone and style of the book?  (What kind of audience is being addressed?  Does the author give interesting facts or analyses?)


  • State four to ten main ideas of the book. (Use a separate sheet of paper or the back of this page.)


  • Select and quote one short passage as an example of the author's insight. (Use a separate sheet of paper or the back of this page.)


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