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Appointments--Office Hours

I look forward to talking to each of you about our philosophy course. You are warmly encouraged to ask about tutorial lectures, readings, class requirements, ideas, or problems. For questions about course content and course procedures use the philosophy server's Philosophy Forum discussion board. You will need to register for this discussion board according to the instructions given in Section 3.6 below. Personal questions should be sent to only.

Please do not use WebCT email, Philosophy Forum, or Lander Web-mail address for personal email contact in this course. I do not check WebCT email, and Lander Webmail is inconvenient to backup and verify.

Email and Discussion Protocol

If you have a personal question, concern, or problem, email your instructor at the first opportunity. If you have questions about class procedures (class policies, homework problems, class requirements, grading, assignments, or other housekeeping matters), post online to the Philosophy Forum message board for the benefit of other students who might have the same question. If you have questions about class content (philosophical concepts, conceptual questions, or understanding the subject-matter of philosophy), also post to the Philosophy Forum. Additionally, the philosophy server's Philosophy Forum is used for class announcements during the term.

The WebCT Discussion List is not used in this class; its interface is difficult to use effectively. WebCT email on Blackboard or via ``Bearcat'' also is not be used in this class. Regular email is more efficient and flexible. You may use either your Lander email address or your own personal email address. All email must have a subject, must be signed by the student, and must state the class in which you are enrolled. Please learn proper email etiquette as soon as possible.

For information about basic email etiquette see:

Important! Be sure to delete all unnecessary messages in your email account used for this course. Most email services, including Lander student email, limit the storage of messages in each account. If an email account becomes full, all email addressed to that account ``bounces'' without notice that messages are being rejected. Often, in such cases, requests for help appear to be unanswered when the email storage limit has been exceeded for that account.

General Education Core Requirements

Note especially: Although Philosophy 102 Introduction to Philosophy fulfills the General Education Core Curriculum Requirement for Humanities, this course does not fulfill the requirement for Logical and Analytical Thought. If you are seeking to fulfill the Logical and Analytical Thought requirement by registering for a philosophy course, you need to enroll in Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic.

Lee Archie 2011-01-05