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Philosophy 302: Ethics
Review For Test on the Problems of Ethics 

Abstract:  The topics and questions listed below are the most significant information covered in our study of introductory moral philosophy.

Be able to define and give an example of each of the following concepts.

1.  Morals (descriptive ethics)
2.  Ethics (prescriptive)
3.  Metaethics/Analytical Ethics
4.  Nonmoral
5.  Immoral
6.  Amoral
7.  Cultural Relativism
8.  Ethical Relativism
9.  Ethical Absolutism
10.  Ethical Nihilism
11. Ethical Skepticism
12. Contributing Condition
13. Necessary Condition
14.  Sufficient Condition

Be able to discuss the main points and give examples for the following questions.

1.  What are the central question of ethics?
2.  What is an ethical or moral issue?
3.  What are the advantages and disadvantages to the various criteria of truth in ethical matters:  authority, consensus gentium, legality, conscience, revelation, intuition, reason.
4.  Why be moral?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the purported justification: divine command, "it pays," common interest, and "it's right."
5.  What are the main objections to ethical relativism?

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