Topics Worth Investigating

  1. What is a fact? What are the different kinds of facts? Can we be mistaken about the facts? Do facts change with new discoveries? Are facts discovered or are they constructs of theories?

  2. In the Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein indicates the aim of philosophy is "To shew the fly the way out of the fly-bottle."[1] In what ways is this precisely the same problem facing Samuel Scudder when he sits before Hæmulon elegans? What is the difference between finding a method and using a method?

  3. If the same state of affairs is seen from two different conceptual frameworks, are there different facts involved? How can facts implied by different theories be compared? Can one structurally "translate" from theory to theory?



Ludwig Wittgenstein. Philosophical Investigations. New York: Macmillan, 1953, §309.