Chapter 3. The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry

Table of Contents
Ideas of Interest From "Nature of Philosophical Inquiry"
Characterization of Philosophy
"The Barometer Story" by Alexander Calandra
Main Divisions of Philosophy
Related Ideas
Topics Worth Investigating

Ideas of Interest From "Nature of Philosophical Inquiry"

  1. How is philosophy provisionally defined in this chapter?

  2. In what ways does Alexander Calandra's "Barometer Story" illustrate the philosophical approach to a practical problem? What do you think is the difference between thinking about the methods for solving a problem and applying a method for solving a problem?

  3. What are some of the differences between philosophy and science?

  4. Briefly characterize the main branches of philosophy.

  5. Do you think the kinds of distinct things that exist in the universe are independent of the concepts we use for description? Consider the following koans: "Where does my fist go when I open my hand?" "Where does my lap go when I stand up?"